Stephen Volandt, Vice President

Mr. Volandt is a coach-style servant leader who specializes in project and business turn-around and coalescing disparate organizational components into a harmonized enterprise. He successfully connects team fundamentals with strategic purpose, dependencies, consequences, risk management, decision-making, enterprise project portfolio management, operational user requirements and the technology that supports them. He has been instrumental in the establishment of governance structures and the successful transformation of global and nation-wide organizations. He excels in leading efforts to inventory current capabilities, identify and prioritize desired capabilities, recognizing key dependencies and constraints, and leading the transition. His operations and enterprise transformation background adds to his ability to address recovery-strategy requirements and identify risk and mitigation approaches. He brings strong experience identifying and reconciling information gaps needed for cost effective investment decision support. His background lends itself to recommending the phasing of investment programs that meet strategic priorities while recognizing maximum return-on-investment from existing capabilities and investments.

His other areas of operational and technical expertise tie well into the theme of resiliency and transformation. He brings significant experience with local and global team building, program management, cyber business-risk, identity theft management, disaster recovery, and military operations to include expeditionary camp planning and management. Mr. Volandt has led enterprise wide transformation efforts for the United States Marine Corps and Headquarters Army. This work with our armed forces improved worldwide command and control systems, and alignment of the force creation, deployment and unit reconstitution process with operations, training, systems, and facilities, and led enterprise and systems architecture efforts that addressed homeland nuclear terrorism response and global weapons of mass destruction interdiction. He led the technology portfolio governance team for the FBI CJIS Division. He has performed or managed thousands of construction inspections, environmental assessments and remediation projects, to include radioactive and complexly contaminated industrial and military SUPERFUND sites, and supported state government and FEMA as a damage and reconstruction estimator during several hurricane recoveries. He is a former US Marine Corps reserve officer who served at the infantry battalion, brigade, expeditionary force, and headquarters levels; specializing in readiness, decision support, exercise management, logistics, sustainment, and operations in austere remote environments. Mr. Volandt volunteers with the FBI InfraGard program’s EMP-SIG, which focuses on the cascading consequences related to existential hazards to the US electrical infrastructure. Mr. Volandt co-authored the EMP-SIG’s book “Powering Through-From Fragile Infrastructures  to Community Resilience”.  His current passion include backcountry excursions and the design, funding, and creation of resilient communities.