What is Cyber Business Risk?

Cyber Risk + Business Impact. Most Cyber Security is focused on attack prevention. However, many organizations are already penetrated and being exploited, with unknown active and potential business impact. Often by insider threats or compromised access credentials. In fact, most compromised organizations suffer exploitation within hours, with the breach not discovered for months.

Auroros provides Cyber Business Risk Management services that combine Cyber Defense with Risk Management principles by using Enterprise Architecture concepts. Auroros can show where you are most at risk for serious harm to your organization’s business, beyond only addressing where threats can get in. Auroros provides mitigation assessments and planning that makes sense to business decision makers, and allows practical apples-to-apples choices between investments in IT security and other capital investments.


Learn how to connect Cyber Risk to Business Risk.   Customizable and ideal for roles striving to connect cyber risk to sensible capital expenditure planning. Typical attendees include risk managers, business executives and decision makers, and security professionals.


Auroros’ Cyber Business Risk capability is a capstone to our other services. It harnesses the following themes into a common sense and understandable approach:

Cyber Vulnerability

Enterprise Architecture

Business Risk

IT Portfolio Management  

Cyber Business Risk Management


Phase I: Discovery

Phase II: Risk + Business Architecture

Phase III: Mitigation Selection

Phase IV: Mitigation Planning/Accomplishment

Auroros provides Cyber Business Risk Management as a CAPSTONE to our governance, emergency planning and operations management,  contract staffing, recruiting, IT consulting and enterprise business consulting. Auroros is a strategically placed and results oriented small business. Past clients include RTI, ValueOptions, HQ Marine Corps, HQ Army, the DoD CIO, the Office of Secretary of Defense, CENTCOM and the FBI.

Business Interruption

Loss of Business

Data Breach

Data Loss/Corruption

System Damage

System Interruption



Privacy Liability

Intellectual Property

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