Technology and Business Alignment / Transition: United Stated Marine Corps

Auroros provided USMC cross domain interaction required with the USMC participation in DoD wide business transformation of programs of record. This included interaction with the office of the SECDEF, Dept of Navy (OSD, DON) and Congress. Additionally, Auroros provided support coordination amongst the Marine Corps Business Transformation Coordination Group (BTCG) with regards to systems and program of record issues. Auroros provided transformation planning and execution support to include the Director, Marine Corps Business Enterprise (MCBE). As part of technical support, Auroros provided Program Management analysis to include technical reviews, work breakdown structure and schedule, maintained involvement in various forums to ensure situational awareness and analysis regarding the impact to Marine Corps Equities with respect to business and NetCentric  transformation, associated programs of record, and key stakeholders.  

Auroros supported and briefed senior Marine Corps leadership and represented the Marine Corps during interaction with various OSD, Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), and Department of Navy (DON) organizations and working groups.  Auroros was instrumental in the creation of the Marine Corps Business Transformation Group and also in the integration of OSD level architectural efforts with USMC specific requirements. During the performance of these duties Auroros maintained working relationships across the Marine Corps to include within the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC), Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Second Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF), and Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). In particular, Auroros worked closely with MARSOC and regarding the integration of processes, information requirements and systems as they relate to resource decision support. Facilitated the establishment of Metadata and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts designed to facilitate end user requirements and processes while actively participating in the US Army forums and the USMC NetCentric Data Working Group, the USMC Enterprise Architecture Working Group, and the Marine Air Ground Task Force Architecture Working Group (MAWG).  

Auroros led the business enterprise component and participated in the development of the overall USMC Enterprise Architecture integrating technology, weapons systems, bases, posts, and stations, global processes and operations, and the organizations dependent on them.