Key Benefits

Unlimited Unlimited Legal Consultation    

Legal Correspondence    

Debt Collection    

Contract & Document Review

Unlimited Business Consultation   

CRM with Email Marketing    

E-Commerce Website

HR & Business Planning Tools   

Questions for you:

Do you have to prioritize or limit questions to your attorney

based on how much the answers or time will cost you?    

Are you sometimes forced to make ‘fingers crossed’ or ‘Google’

decisions about your business?   

Just because you have access to an attorney, do you always use


Do you have a team of consultants to answer your sales,

marketing, tax, accounting and HR questions?  

Your Business will have Affordable Legal Protection, Consulting, and Tools that will:

Empower and simplify your decision making

Allow you to maximize your resources and minimize cost  

Protect and grow your business  

SMALLBIZ plans designed to help you

Auroros is a SMALLBIZ Independent Associate.  This is a summary only. SMALLBIZ may have more plans available. As with all plans, some exclusions apply. Please see company contracts and materials for full details.

For as little as $59 a month.