Thomas E. Bush III, Strategic Advisor

Thomas E. Bush provides 33 years of stellar service which enable him to assist our clients with their projects involving the FBI and the law enforcement community.

Auroros Strategic Advisor

November 2011 – present  

Provide operations consulting and business development services that leverage extensive relationships within the law enforcement, intelligence communities with emphasis on Federal, State, Local, Tribal and International Law Enforcement, information exchange, biometrics and cross-agency coordination.


Tom Bush Consulting LLC, Bridgeport, WV

March 2009 – present

Providing consulting services with emphasis on Federal, State, Local, Tribal and International Law Enforcement.

FBI Assistant Director

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division

January 2005 - March 2009  

Chief Executive Officer over the FBI’s largest Division comprising approximately 2,400 employees and 400 contract employees and an annual operating budget of more than one billion dollars.


Direct involvement in the development and furtherance of groundbreaking Biometric Interoperability efforts with DHS, DoD, DOS and the International community to promote biometric information exchange.  


Oversight of the development and deployment of the next generation of CJIS services such as Next Generation Identification (ten-year life cycle costs of over one billion dollars, development costs of approximately $500 million), for enhanced fingerprint services, and N-DEx (ten-year life cycle costs of $360 million, development costs of $100 million), which will allow law enforcement agencies to share actual crime incident reporting.